Anelis Verbeke – Tri drame

Annelies Verbeke


Translated from Dutch Bojana Budimir

Cover Design by Dina Radoman


Rail Gourmet

Stories about the metropolitan melting pot. Business people, Euro officials and tourists are waiting on the platforms for their high-speed train. Staff and travelers make up two groups of people that characterize the new Europe: the firest ia a group of local and immigrant workers, and the second a group of pan-European, mobile high earners. ‘Rail Gourmet’ is a storiey about characters who reside at this curious junction.

Almschi! The best of Alma Mahler

Alma Mahler lived in the turbulent first half of the 20th century. She was a composer, wife of Mahler, Gropius and Werfel, mistress of Kokoschka, Klimt, Zemlinski, and muse of Alban Berg. She also inspired the renowned theater collective SKaGeN to create a gripping story about human pride and loneliness in a mixture of theater and music. Annelies Verbeke wrote a new theater text full of grotesque lightness about the figure of Alma.



We sit on four stands around a stage that resembles a circus ring, on which three actors dart around in varying configurations of two against one. Those actors are on the editorial board of the Dutch version of a hip American culture magazine that has ended up in a shit storm because of an unintentionally racist cover image. Now the text has to be written for tomorrow morning’s press conference. The result is a two-hour, almost uninterrupted altercation in which everything that can be said about prejudices and sensitivities is quickly reviewed. And where it turns out that after all the reasoning, arguing, blaming and trying to calm down, people are ultimately just animals.