Charalampos Giannou – Hunger

Charalampos Giannou


Translated from Modern Greek by Saša Đorđević

Cover Design by Dina Radoman

“Hunger” is a book that contains two plays by the multi-award-winning Cypriot writer Charalampos Giannou. Both plays problematize the lack of communication within the family, as well as the consequences of mutual misunderstanding among its members.

The play “Hunger” strongly infused with dark humor, focuses on anxious parents and their almost grown-up son. The lack of understanding among the family members and their failure to recognize each other’s most basic needs lead to completely unexpected, absurd situations and uproariously funny but simultaneously tragic outcomes.

Through the play “Home” Giannou also observes the dynamics of family relationships, but this time in a significantly more realistic manner. After years of absence, the elder son returns to the family home where everything seems the same and almost normal. However, what remains unspoken is much more powerful than what is said. What lingers in the air can be almost lethal. We are constantly left questioning, needing to understand, while Giannou skillfully builds tension from silence. And catharsis? It will never come.

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