Charalampos Giannou

Charalampos Giannou


I write plays

Due to an urge to do my best out of nothing

To search for light in a very dark place

In order to find a reason to speak in the middle of silence

I keep on writing

Since I still don’t understand how it really works

What are the rules of the game?

How do I know when it comes to an end; is there a way not to play?

So I write a bit more

Until I am old and wise enough

Fed up or dead and gone

Until the world stops spinning

That’s when I’ll know it’s time to stop


Charalampos Giannou was born in Cyprus and is currently living in Athens, Greece. He participated in international workshops at Neue Stucke aus Europa, Wiesbaden, 2010 and Obrador d’Estiu- Sala Beckett, Barcelona, 2011.

Plays of his have been translated in English, Spanish, Polish, Romanian and Serbian, while several of them have been staged in Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Colombia.

His play Hungry received the State Prize for Best Play 2014, by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

List of plays: The Beauty and the Sleep, 2022; Due to heavy rain, 2020; The trick to loneliness, 2018; Some kid!, 2016; Home, 2014; Hungry, 2012; A Doghouse, 2011; By A Thread, 2011; Her Life as Dead, 2011; Τhe Look of Love, 2009; Falling Down the Stairs, 2008.


Author: Charalampos Giannou
Translation from Modern Greek: Saša Đorđević
Cover design: Dina Radoman