Elise Wilk – The green cat and other dramas

Elise Wilk


Translation from Romanian by Simona Popov

Cover design by Dina Radoman


The book GREEN CAT AND OTHER DRAMAS contains four plays by the multi-awarded young Romanian author Elise Wilk.


The story is about six teenagers and a Saturday night that will change their lives forever. Written in a “mockumentary” style, the drama tells the story of the murder by interviewing all the actors involved. It talks about adolescence, an age when the fragility of emotional balance can easily lead to tragedy. It is a story about love, friendship, but above all about the power of imagination that helps us escape from the gray world in which we live.

Characters: 6 characters (2 male, 4 female)

Irish Embassy Award for Young Playwrights 2013.


David is 11 years old. His father was chosen to become an astronaut and left Earth in a wooden box that some people buried in the ground. One day he will return. But why is David’s mother dating a suspicious man with a mustache? Why isn’t David allowed to have painted nails and wear sequin dresses? Why can’t it be a girl, like Simo, his best friend? Then there is Felix, the boy from school. Every time it appears, David has a strange feeling in his stomach. And inside David is a small crocodile, which bites his heart every time he is sad. David experiences gender dysphoria – he believes there is a discrepancy between his biological sex and his gender identity.

Characters: 1 (male)

National award for monodrama, 2017.

ROOM 701

Four stories that take place in the same hotel room, during four different nights. A middle-aged man uses the services of a professional male stripper, hoping to get his wife back. Two newlyweds face a delicate problem on their wedding night. The assistant manager of a multinational company and her boss meet in the same room due to strange circumstances. A depressed maid and a tabloid photographer meet by chance on New Year’s Eve. Four stories about ordinary people experiencing extraordinary moments. Four atypical love stories. Four stories about loneliness.

Characters: 8 characters (4 female, 4 male)


Lena has a tattoo of an airplane on her neck. She dreams of being rich like Rihanna and buying a ten-story building where she lives with her sister, because their mother works in Italy. Mickey dreams of conquering the world, like the actor in the poster above his bed. But in reality it is different: at school he is bullied by Alex and Bobo, and at home his uncle strictly monitors his food intake. On the roof of the building, where he sometimes meets Lena, life seems easier. On the last page of her biology book, Laura writes down the name of every boy she has kissed. And Andra counts the calories in her meals and is in love with an English teacher. On the last day of school, a tragedy occurred that no one expected.

Characters: 6 characters (3 male, 3 female)

Romanian Drama Award 2015.

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